1.Find a shoe with a solid rubber sole.编辑

There's nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes with thin soles on a rainy day. There have been countless times when I've worn flats on those wet days'many resulting in wet feet. Not pretty! So when finding a solid waterproof shoe, find something that has a thicker rubber sole. That way your feet will stay nice and dry'as it should be.

2.Look for heavy duty leather.编辑

No suede here. If you want fabulous and durable waterproof shoe, try something that has heavy duty leather. Brands like Doc Marten's are famous for offering shoes with tough leather that's meant to last for years. Not only do these fierce waterproof shoes have the longevity, but it'll give you a cool and edgy look while you're out there in the wet weather.

3.Get rubber shoes.=编辑

An obvious feature to look for when getting a hold of waterproof shoes is to get something that has rubber in it. And what perfect shoe is there than the rain boot. Rain boots, Wellington boots, wellies'whatever you call it, these shoes are practically the ultimate waterproof shoe.

Over the years many designers have been coming out with funky and chic rain boot designs. For instance, the Chooka brand has a decent variety of rain boots under their belt. One of the cutest has to be their Fab Plaid Rain Boot, which is retailed for $90. This whimsical waterproof shoe has a great plaid design on its side panels and also a chic riding boot look to it. Making it a really trendy rain boot.

4.Find vinyl or nylon materials.编辑

Finally, we must not forget looking for other waterproof materials like vinyl or nylon. Most shoes that are made of these materials are usually made for the snow; so the next time you plan on hitting the slopes look for vinyl or nylon. Light materials like these are perfect for trekking through the powder. The ugg boots shoes 'Snowpeak' Tall Cold Weather Boot for $220 is an excellent waterproof shoe. These are definitely some chic snow boots with its quilted design and shearling lining. A great pick for any snow bunny.

Hopefully these tips to finding the best waterproof shoe helped. It may take some time to find a good and ヴィトン 財布 waterproof shoe, but it's worth it. So, don't get discouraged on those cloudy, rainy days. Just put on a fabulous pair of waterproof shoes and you're ready to hit the streets with style.